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Your Day Will Be Brighter When You Witness This CFA Employee’s Customer Service

Joy here and as a former Chick-Fil-A employee, I could not be more proud of Jeremiah Murrill. He has become a local celebrity for his ability to brighten customer’s days at his CFA! He stand outside in the drive through rain or shine to take people’s orders with an IPAD and no matter how busy it gets he always spreads smiles. On my tough days, the first thing to go is my consideration of others… … Continue reading

This Elderly Man’s Reaction to a Christmas Surprise Will Give You All the Christmas Feels

No one should spend Christmas alone, but Terrance has for the last 20 years! When he admitted this during a TV interview the community rallied to give him a Christmas he will not soon forget! My heart cannot take it that some people have no one to spend Christmas with and are not celebrated while I have so much family. The footage from this video alone inspired me to text my husband and ask him… … Continue reading

The New Mulan Preview Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye

Joy here and I’ve been obsessed with Disney’s new live action movies. “Mulan” was initially presented as a girl power movie, but what moved me in this new full length preview is her love for her father. I thought to myself while watching it, “What would I not do to save the life of my dad?” But if I tried to take my dad’s place and fight in a war, I’d be doomed! Mulan is… … Continue reading

This Delivery Driver’s Reaction to Free Snacks Will Make You Want to Put Some Out Yourself

If you are anything like me you have A LOT of packages being delivered this time of year! This means the busiest season of the year for our delivery workers. I’ve truly never thought about putting anything out as a “thank you” for my drivers, until I saw this video. The joy on this man’s face has changed my mind! What better way to celebrate Jesus birth than with spreading love to those who work… … Continue reading

Heart Wrenching Story of Forgiveness as Man Embraces the Woman Who Took His Brother’s Life

Hard to miss the news story that has been everywhere. Ex Dallas cop, Amber Guyger, was found guilty of murdering her neighbor, Botham Jean, when she fatally shot him in his apartment. Guyger claims she walked into the wrong apartment and was confused. The most powerful moment of the trial was when Botham Jean’s brother took the stand announcing that he has forgiven Guyger and wants her to accept Christ. Grab a tissue and watch… … Continue reading