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E-MESS: I lost everything

Wally: I am unemployed, lost the house, used up the retirement fund, and am about to exhaust all savings. I hear the segments about God knowing what your going through and I hear it in the songs and to be perfectly honest I find no comfort it in. Knowing He is with me doesn’t or hasn’t to date alleviated the feelings of failure and guilt that I have for letting my family down. It’s crushing… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Parents fighting

Hey Wally, I’m having an issue. My parents are in a big fight that’s been going on for months. It is just tearing me apart. Im a wreck! I cry for the silliest things. It started out that they just saw a councilor. Then the councilor thought they shouldn’t sleep together until things get better. It still wasn’t fixed. So he said to have my dad move out for a while. This is ripping me… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Reading the Bible

Wally, I heard you discussing conversations with non-believers, and how Christians can come off as being confrontative and unwilling to discuss other opinions. I agreed with that premise. However, then you mentioned that you have only read a tiny bit of the Bible, followed by comments that insinuated that knowing a lot of scripture is not important. All you need is a few friendly, feel good verses, and you’re good to go. So, my question… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Foster Care

Hi Wally I don’t know if you even go through and read your e-mails but I really feel like I should tell you this. Just six months ago I was taken out of my house by law enforcement and forced into a foster care system. While I am glad to be out of my house, going through the foster care system can be brutal especially being a 17 year old girl coming from an addicted… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Too secular

For two days you have been referring to Mr. James Doohan as “Scotty Guy from Star Trek”. This gentleman has a name and a life worth revisiting for its value. Mr Doohan was and remains a very influential person in this world. Please read about Mr. Doohan, as he has a long history of inspiration and effect on people. Your show has moved from a very spiritual beginning back in the day, into a comedy… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Complaining

Wally, A few weeks ago, your show started off with a five minute complaint about the horrible service you were given by an India-based retail company. Afterward, you told your listeners to call in and tell you about instances where they have been ripped off by companies. God says through the Bible we need to do everything without complaining or arguing. I admit I did not listen to the rest of your show, so I… … Continue reading

E-MESS: The President

Hello Wally, Last night I was on my way to church with my husband and three children and you made a comment about how when America is allowed to vote we make the wrong decision. You mentioned American Idol, and America’s got talent…then for the number one bad vote you said it was this…and you played an excerpt of President Obama speaking. When he was done speaking you quickly announced that “you where just joking,… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Boycotting

Dear Wally, You’ve missed the point about boycotting Home Depot. Information from the Kansas Family Policy Council shows photos of parades in which children are encouraged to support gay and lesbians. Some of the demonstrations included topless women parading in front of children. Employees are not allowed to wear religious buttons or bring Bibles to work, but any form of homosexuality is applauded. This is not merely tolerance of those choosing an alternative lifestyle. Some… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Husband

I want to thank you for your radio show. I’m sure that you get letters quite frequently; however, I want you to know what a blessing you have been in my life. My husband does not listen to christian radio, I have to fight him to attend church with me; and one night over dinner I convinced him to listen to your show for just one evening. He didn’t realize that it was christian radio… … Continue reading

E-MESS: “Cripple”

Your show Friday afternoon was the last straw for me. You have said some cold, rude things that you consider funny, but your “pre-cripple or post-cripple” comment took the cake. It was unbelievably unsensitive and cold. Saying if someone went to heaven, would they be “pre-cripple” or “post-cripple” was obnoxious! I was injured when I was 17, a senior in high school. I use a wheelchair because my spinal cord was severed when I had… … Continue reading