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We kept hearing what sounded like gun shots only to find out it was kids cracking their whips while herding cattle.  The sound is impressive and a little scary up close.

One of the best parts about traveling to Africa is giving kids the chance to just be kids, even if for just five minutes.  They don't get to play a lot so I introduced them to the sport of whiffle ball.  One kid learned a little too well and even started trash talking me. 

Wednesday and Thursday we are going to try to get 700 kids from Ethiopia sponsored with World Vision.  Please check out the blog posts below and meet the children I met.  Read the stories and look into your heart and see if you can help change the life of just one child.  Then click on the Break My Heart Logo to make a difference in the life of a child today.  

We got the opportunity to stop by a school that World Vision helped build.  It was a one room building with few windows and the only electricity was in the enthusiasm of the children who wanted to learn.

Kids in Ethiopia are expected to work hard to help the family earn money, which is good, but many times they don't have any time to just be a kid.  So it is nice to watch them get a chance to just play.

Since Zach took so many great pictures on our trip to Ethiopia, and since everyone loves a good slide show, we thought we would show you the pictures and give you the stories behind the photos.  It is kind of like a directors commentary on a DVD, just with less famous people talking.  Hopefully, some of the pictures and stories will inspire you consider helping out one of our Ethiopian kids.  Dim the lights and…