E-MESS: I lost everything

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I am unemployed, lost the house, used up the retirement fund, and am about to exhaust all savings. I hear the segments about God knowing what your going through and I hear it in the songs and to be perfectly honest I find no comfort it in.

Knowing He is with me doesn’t or hasn’t to date alleviated the feelings of failure and guilt that I have for letting my family down. It’s crushing at times and knowing that God is with me doesn’t make it easier.

I know He loves in a way I don’t fully understand but if I am completely honest during the bad times I think he is punishing me. I know its not the case rationally anyway, but emotionally is a different story.

So the easy part: what am I missing? In a 140 words or less please. My attention span is completely twitterized now. 🙂


Wally-E-Mess-iconFirst off I am sorry you are in such a tough spot right now. These things do not last forever even though they feel like they will. I have been down to my last dime before and wondered where is the peace of God I had always heard about while I couldn’t sleep so I get what you are saying.

For me it wasn’t till after things settled down that I was able to see God’s hand and his provision in my life. At the time I was too consumed with the daily problems to see it but later it was obvious he did provide for me and my family.

It looked nothing like I thought it should so I almost didn’t recognize it, but in the end loosing all that stuff did me good. I found a new and different relationship with God that now is built on trust and I am better at being able to thank God for things that I have like my family even when everything else is falling apart.

A friend of mine lost everything like Job did in the Bible and he kept a journal. His reason was so when he looked back he would remember God’s faithfulness in the bad times that he otherwise would have missed.

Sometimes there is a tendency to think what is God doing to me when in fact He may be trying to do something through you that might be for someone else. We have a choice in bad times to point people to God or away from him. I have come to realize when I don’t think I can go on anymore and I do, that is God and I want to point people to him. I hope that helps a little




E-MESS: Parents fighting

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E-Mess-smileyHey Wally,
I’m having an issue. My parents are in a big fight that’s been going on for months. It is just tearing me apart. Im a wreck! I cry for the silliest things.

It started out that they just saw a councilor. Then the councilor thought they shouldn’t sleep together until things get better. It still wasn’t fixed. So he said to have my dad move out for a while.

This is ripping me apart. I’m hurting emotionally and spiritually. I always ask myself what did I do to deserve this and why did god send this to me?

Ever since my parents started fighting I’ve also been really insecure. I feel like I’m alone. My mom has been going out a lot more since my dad and her starting fighting. This bugs me SO much you don’t even know. My life is upside down. My parents are destroying me, my life is falling apart, and I’m a wreck.

Can’t they see I’m hurting because of them! Can’t they see how much they have damaged me!!!! I’m so mad at them and honestly God!!!!!! I wish they would just make up already, forget this even happened. But it’s not happening. I honestly feel it’s getting worse. Wally Im not sure what to feel, say, or think about this whole thing. Can you help me? (I’m 12 years old and in 7th grade.)

Wally-E-Mess-iconI am sorry you are going through this. I know it is tough. My best friend and his wife are in the same situation as you and their kids are hurting and wondering why too.

The reality is parents are people and I guarantee you that you do not know all that has gone on. Parents try to protect their children from the details of their problems, but that is the key–these are their problems. They do not have anything to do with you and I will bet there is stuff they have been dealing with quietly for years that is now just bubbling over.

Obviously your parent’s choices are hurting you but know that as hard as it is on you it is hurting them too. I know they wish they were not in this situation either but they are and they probably don’t know how to get out of it too.

I know it seems simple, forgive and forget, but we aren’t always capable of that as people. The thing to remember is God has not forsaken you or your family. God works inside of even bad situations but sometimes the outcome doesn’t look like we think it should.

I don’t know what the future holds for your family and it may not be what you would like to see happen but it is important that you know this is not on you. This is not your fault. Your parents need to get their stuff worked out.

In the mean time you need to pray for them and be honest with them about your feelings. I hope your parents can work this out but regardless make sure that you learn from them and do not repeat their mistakes in your life as you get older and date and marry.

I know that doesn’t solve your problems but I hope it helps you a little. God is not against you or your family. Your parents just have to get their stuff figured out and get God back in the center of their relationship.



E-MESS: Reading the Bible

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I heard you discussing conversations with non-believers, and how Christians can come off as being confrontative and unwilling to discuss other opinions. I agreed with that premise. However, then you mentioned that you have only read a tiny bit of the Bible, followed by comments that insinuated that knowing a lot of scripture is not important. All you need is a few friendly, feel good verses, and you’re good to go.

So, my question to you is, how long have you been saved, or identified yourself as a Christian? I know you’ve been on the air for at least several years. Furthermore, if calling yourself a Christian, why wouldn’t you want to know more of His word? You are the on-air representative for the most popular Christian radio station around. Thousands of younger Christians listen to your show, and call in to you seeking your input and advice. They see you as some kind of leader. You have influence on these listeners.

Perhaps it might be a great idea to get to know the Word of the God you say you believe in. If your main concern is being popular and cool as a Christian, then you’ve missed the whole meaning entirely. There was nothing cool about crucifixion, and Jesus told his followers that the world will HATE you because of me.

The world does not need more ‘cool Christians’. What the world needs, is more Christians who truly don’t care about looking cool or fitting in.

Wally-E-Mess-iconThank you so much for your judgment of my faith and the assumption that I am trying to be a cool Christian. That is a judgment of my heart and relationship with God and that is clearly wrong in the Bible. So while you are giving me all of these verses to check out to make me a better person I would submit that you could use a refresher course in grace.

I made an honest statement because I am not fake and not perfect. I admitted that I do not know as much of the Bible as I would like. Remember faith is a journey and not everyone is as perfect or at the same place in their faith as maybe you are.

My point was that I have not read the whole Bible, not that it was not important. Have you read the Bible cover to cover? If not than maybe you could dial back you condemnation of me a bit.

I never said the Bible was not important. I said that for me Christianity is real and that it is more than just the Bible. It is about a relationship with a living God who manifests himself in our lives.

The Bible is obviously the basis for that because that is how we know about Jesus. That is how we know about the attributes and faithfulness of God, but it has to be more than that. It has to be lived out in your life. That is what I said, and I stand by that.

I disagree with your assumption that my honesty is doing damage. In fact, my honesty and lack of condemnation for people who are not at the place that I am is why most people listen to this show.

I am sad that we could not have had a better conversation about this but when you come at me like you did I will defend myself and my position.



E-MESS: Foster Care

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E-Mess-smileyHi Wally

I don’t know if you even go through and read your e-mails but I really feel like I should tell you this. Just six months ago I was taken out of my house by law enforcement and forced into a foster care system. While I am glad to be out of my house, going through the foster care system can be brutal especially being a 17 year old girl coming from an addicted family. I soon found out that virtually no family would be willing to take me in even if I made straight A’s in school and started 3 varsity sports.

I had nobody to talk to and I went into a dark place where I spoke to no one for nearly a month and a half and to top it off… nobody even noticed.

Finally after 4 months of going from house to house and never saying a single word to the families, a loving family that already had five very young children of their own took me in. At first I thought it would be no different but these people were self proclaimed “Christians”. I didn’t know who this Jesus was although I had heard his name spoken in the occasional curse word.

They tried and tried to get me to open up to this idea of a ‘God’ but I wouldn’t buy it. They were so nice about it and never forced me to go to Church or pray out loud, but I just refused to listen. They had tried to get me to show some sort of emotion or even show that I was hearing what they were saying but I just lived day by day as somebody just going through the actions.

Then one day in the car my ‘dad’, getting frustrated that I refused to tell him how my day went, turned on the radio. I started to listening to this song “More” by a guy called Matthew West. This song sparked my interest and I remember asking myself- who does this person love so much? and after that, two DJ’s named Wally and Zach came on.

You began talking and for the first time in nearly a year I began to laugh. Actually laugh!!!! I hadn’t laughed in so long that it was awkward and really sounded like I was coughing or something. This happened last week and my ‘dad’ was so shocked/excited that I had finally broke out of my shell that he started to cry.

I literally laughed the whole way home just listening to you two talk about something that really wasn’t even very religious but this humor and fun is what opened me up to what you had to say about Christ.

This family tried for weeks to get me just to listen to them about God and this Jesus character and it only took you five minutes. All I needed was that good laugh. So like I said, you may not even read this, but if you do, Thank You. Thank You with all my heart. You and Zach have literally changed my life and although I realize that this doesn’t mean things will be perfect from here on out, it’s nice to know I’m not alone and that there are amazing people like you that will cheer me up in no time. Thanks again.

Wally-E-Mess-iconI do read all my email and I am so glad I got yours. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. It means a lot to me that I was part of it. God uses weird things to get our attention sometimes and I am so glad he got yours. I am really glad you are getting to a better place in your life and can find some peace.

The thing about this is you have the ability to do the same thing for someone else someday, that is how this works. Somebody helped me back in the day to get out of a dark place and I am forever grateful to them for allowing God to use them. God will do amazing things with you and through you if you let him.

Thanks again for sharing this with me. You might not know this but I really needed this tonight. Today was a bad day for me personally and I didn’t even want to go to work tomorrow. Thank you for reminding me what’s important.

Take care




E-MESS: Too secular

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E-Mess-smileyFor two days you have been referring to Mr. James Doohan as “Scotty Guy from Star Trek”. This gentleman has a name and a life worth revisiting for its value.

Mr Doohan was and remains a very influential person in this world. Please read about Mr. Doohan, as he has a long history of inspiration and effect on people.

Your show has moved from a very spiritual beginning back in the day, into a comedy show that serves no real value for my faith.

I ask humbly to move your show themes back from the secular, toward the Light of Jesus. I am considering leaving your show as a listener as you move beyond Faith and Inspiration.

Comedy is easy to find on “Bob & Tom” and other fast paced, secular radio morning shows.

Praying for your insight,
Very Respectfully

Wally-E-Mess-iconIn this business I need to give context and I don’t think James would have minded being referred to as “Scotty”. He always seemed like someone who was comfortable with his past and didn’t want to deny it like some of the other Star Trek Stars. I meant no offense and I personally don’t feel I slighted him.

As for being too secular, I understand where you are coming from. I know I am not “Christian” enough for some, but I am actually good with that because there are plenty of places for Christians who need a more religious approach. That is not my calling.

I feel led to create, through humor and normalcy, an entry point for non believers who don’t like Christians or church to meet God. The good news is it is working. There are people coming to faith through this ministry that would never listen to regular Christian radio.

There are things going on you might not be thinking of and there is a definite difference between myself and Bob and Tom. One of my favorite emails is from a dad who thanked us for making him laugh about something silly one morning. He went on to explain that he had not laughed in 6 months, since his daughter was killed in a car accident.

To me that is God starting to heal that man’s heart and restore him and I am proud that we cold be a small part of that. So even though it might not seem like it, there is a method to this madness.

Take care



E-MESS: Complaining

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A few weeks ago, your show started off with a five minute complaint about the horrible service you were given by an India-based retail company. Afterward, you told your listeners to call in and tell you about instances where they have been ripped off by companies. God says through the Bible we need to do everything without complaining or arguing. I admit I did not listen to the rest of your show, so I cannot for sure say “this did not end up glorifying God,” but it seemed as though you were encouraging sin.

As a part of your story, you said, about the man you had been talking to, “Can you at least be honest with me for a minute and give yourself even the smallest chance of not going to hell?” and your co-host laughed. That was a joke? You and I were going to hell and eternal damnation if it weren’t for Jesus’ crucifixion. Why on Earth would you joke about something we all deserve. You acted as though you thought the Indian man was the only one who did deserve hell. You and I do not deserve God’s love, but we receive his mercies every day. Love as you are loved.

If I have completely misunderstood any of your actions, please accept my apology and disregard this email.

Wally-E-Mess-iconIt would probably be best for you to find something else to listen too. I am not perfect and I talk about that. The Bible says you will get angry but in your anger don’t sin. I don’t think I sinned at all. I told people they could do what they want but I would not do business with that company. If you want to get really super religious, you could even argue I was trying to help people be good stewards of the money God has given them, by helping them not get swindled.

There are plenty of Christian stations who are not real and will never let you see their faults. That would probably be a better fit for you. I was being facetious about the salvation thing. I am well aware none of us deserve salvation. That is the part of my show you have to use your brain for and realize that is satire.

Take care



E-MESS: The President

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E-Mess-smileyHello Wally,

Last night I was on my way to church with my husband and three children and you made a comment about how when America is allowed to vote we make the wrong decision. You mentioned American Idol, and America’s got talent…then for the number one bad vote you said it was this…and you played an excerpt of President Obama speaking. When he was done speaking you quickly announced that “you where just joking, don’t send me any emails about this.”

I really don’t appreciate my children having to hear you poke fun of our President. Their little minds are easily swayed by the thoughts and opinions of others, wrong or right. I want my children to be able to listen to what I listen to on the radio with out me having to A. censor it, and B. Explain why a Christian is unfairly making fun of OUR president or ANYONE for that matter. I just feel you are sending out the wrong message…to the wrong people.

I think your jests are completely out of line, and un-Christian like. We are to be respectful and tolerable of everyone, and I do not feel that you are showing this in your acts and “jokes”. I find it incredibly rude, and offensive.

Peace, Laughs and God Bless

Wally-E-Mess-iconI am very honest abut my feelings for Obama and Palin alike. I am not a fan of either and I do not tow any political party line. I do poke fun at things, including myself on the show. Regardless of my personal feelings about Obama, that was purely for humor sake. Drawing the parallel of America making bad decisions about TV shows culminating in the presidency is satire and text book comedy. I don’t find that joke offensive, and I am sorry if you do. Humor is subjective.

I do find it interesting that your email signature is peace, laughs, but you failed to get the humor or satire in that joke. I can’t make everyone happy and if this hit you wrong that is OK. We do all kind of things on this show and I personally know there are people who are alive today and have found faith in God here, so I am OK with how I approach doing the show. If it is not for you I totally understand that. You sound like a good parent who wants to monitor what your kids hear. That is your job as it is mine. I have never said anything I would not say with my 12 year old daughter in the room. So we just have different parenting tolerances.

Take care



E-Mess-smileyDefinition of Satire: the use of wit, especially irony, sarcasm, and ridicule, to criticize faults.

Doing something “purely for humors sake” does not make something fair, just, nor RIGHT! I understand the concept of Satire, and the humor at which you were attempting, but that humor was in bad taste, and in my personal opinion, UN-christian like.

I have no doubts that there are those who have found faith and God because of your show…but bringing people into faith through crude humor by making fun of people is NOT the way to go. The end result does not justify the beginning action. And these people who came to faith because of your “show” probably lived morally corrupt, spiritually bankrupt lives before listening. And your “show” wasn’t much different than any other radio show they were already listening to…except for the fact that it is on a “Christian” radio station. Maybe the music and the Holy Spirit are more responsible for converting non Christians into faith than your “Jokes”.

All I am asking is that you think about how your “jokes” affect others. What is that “laugh” worth? Your salvation…or a paycheck? You are most defiantly in my prayers.

Peace, Love, and Laughs (not at the expense of others),
God Bless ya

Wally-E-Mess-iconYou and I are never going to agree on this. My friends and I make fun of each other, that is my sense of humor. I don’t find this as egregious as you find it. So we can either move on or continue to beat each other up. I prefer to move on. My show is not for everyone but it is for someone every day. I have seen God use the silly jokes to reach people. I had one guy thank me for my jokes after he lost his daughter in a car crash. He told me he had not laughed in six months and he needed that. That is God using the silly to start to heal someone. At the end of the day you have a choice. You do not have to listen to me and that is OK. If I’m not for you there are plenty of Christian stations that won’t offend you. I say this with no animosity whatsoever you should listen to them because life is too short to be upset with and idiot DJ.

Take care




E-MESS: Boycotting

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E-Mess-smileyDear Wally,

You’ve missed the point about boycotting Home Depot. Information from the Kansas Family Policy Council shows photos of parades in which children are encouraged to support gay and lesbians. Some of the demonstrations included topless women parading in front of children. Employees are not allowed to wear religious buttons or bring Bibles to work, but any form of homosexuality is applauded. This is not merely tolerance of those choosing an alternative lifestyle.

Some Christians today seem to adopt a “live and let live” attitude, but is that what Christ taught? In the Old Testament, God did not tell Lot to accept the depravity around him and the different lifestyles in Sodom – rather, He removed Lot and destroyed the city!

I am not homophobic. My brother is gay, but he doesn’t flaunt his lifestyle just as I don’t flaunt my sexuality. My daily sins are no less ugly in the sight of God than his are. I don’t have to accept his actions but I still love him. If he participated in actions such as Home Depot employees though, I couldn’t have a relationship with him.

Boycotting a business also means calling or writing them to point out why I take this action. I boycott the Susan Komen Foundation because they contribute to Planned Parenthood and to fetal stem cell research. One of our local Christian radio stations announced the run for the foundation. I wrote to them twice and included information about the foundation’s policies, but the ads continued. It was shocking to me that a Christian station would approve funding abortion, and I will never again be able to listen to them because of this memory. Would you advocate supporting a business that condones a practice you find abhorrent? What about that God finds abhorrent?

Wally-E-Mess-iconIt’s interesting because I do the Susan G Komen breast cancer three day walk every year with my wife because we lost her mother to breast cancer. So I do support them and I may not agree with everything they do but I do think the work they do with breast cancer is vital. The way I choose to fight abortion is to train my daughter to live a Godly lifestyle so she won’t ever get one and then she will train her children. If enough of us teach people to live morally we don’t need to legislate morality. It is obvious bans and hatred are not working. The church has tried that for many years so maybe we should do what Jesus does and try to love people. I find it interesting that he had no problem with sinners but the people he took to task and ridiculed publicly were the intolerant religious leaders of the day.

I realize you stopped listening to that other station because of the Susan G Komen thing and I will probably lose you now too, but I thought you at least deserved my honesty. Not everyone likes everything I do, but they should not write me off because of that. I am a sinner that has good moments. It would not be fair for people to write you or Christianity off because of times where you have not been a good representation of him and if you are honest and human there are times when even you have fallen short. I know that because the Bible says we all do.

Thanks for your thoughts and it is OK to disagree agreeably.




E-MESS: Husband

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E-Mess-smileyI want to thank you for your radio show. I’m sure that you get letters quite frequently; however, I want you to know what a blessing you have been in my life. My husband does not listen to christian radio, I have to fight him to attend church with me; and one night over dinner I convinced him to listen to your show for just one evening.

He didn’t realize that it was christian radio (which people may take as an insult).. until he was already laughing along to the show. It was so amazing to see God work is such a strange way, as of the radio. Your show gives the message of the love of Jesus, without all the religion, which was JUST what my husband needed.

He was raised in a church, but always found the examples of christians as “square” or “two faced”. He has begun attending church with me the past few weeks, and listens to your radio show each night. This is just such a small step to reach those who may be so against all the “religion”, but needs to hear the word of God in a non-threatening fun way.

Thank you and your staff for this blessing.

Wally-E-Mess-iconYou have no idea how much your e-mail means to me and how perfectly timed it is. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. That is the nicest compliment I could ever get.

Take care




E-MESS: “Cripple”

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E-Mess-smileyYour show Friday afternoon was the last straw for me. You have said some cold, rude things that you consider funny, but your “pre-cripple or post-cripple” comment took the cake.

It was unbelievably unsensitive and cold. Saying if someone went to heaven, would they be “pre-cripple” or “post-cripple” was obnoxious! I was injured when I was 17, a senior in high school. I use a wheelchair because my spinal cord was severed when I had my accident.

First of all, saying “cripple” is extremely ignorant. It is like using the “N word” to people who are disabled.

Secondly, you were so flippant with your comment. You have no idea what it’s like for a 17 year old high school senior to be able to walk one day and not be able to walk the next day. I have a sense of humor, but you’re insensitivity is absolutely unbelievable. If your wife or daughter had an accident and became disabled do you think you’d so lightly say something like that? I don’t think so.

I am also sending an email to my local station regarding that remark.

Wally-E-Mess-iconI really appreciate you making sure to not just talk to me, but also to other people about me. By contacting the local station you are not handling conflict in a Biblical manor, yet you are holding me to a Christ-like standard. If I have offended you, the Bible says you should come to me first. If it makes you feel better to tattle on me that is cool, but I would have rather have had this conversation between us first.

I was in no way making fun of crippled people. As for that term being politically incorrect, that is a mistake on my part if that is the case. In our world I have no way of knowing what is politically correct to everyone. It changes daily and is different for everyone. I never thought of that term as derogatory, but I will acquiesce to you on that since you would know better than I.

As for the content you completely missed the point. Someone had said everyone in heaven will be in there 20’s because that is when our bodies were at their best. The point I was making is, how did we come up with an age limit for heaven. There is nothing scriptural about that. It is just something people think and then give it Biblical merit where there is none. I was pointing out the ludicrous nature of that statement because what if I was crippled in my teens, but in heaven you are automatically twenty something. That doesn’t seem right to me. That is where I was coming from. I didn’t mean to be offensive in what I said. I am sensitive to disabilities cause I have a nephew who needs a walker and I would have no problem with him hearing that conversation and I love that kid more than life.