Pumpkin Chunkin with Duncan

Wally, Bekah and Betty Rock take on Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips in a classic battle of Pumpkin Chunkin. (Win some cool Newsboys gear below.)   Check out the full interview with Duncan, where we talk about Bring Your Bible to School Day, the new movie God's Not Dead 2, and a possible DC Talk reunion: We have some awesome Newsboys gear to give out. We'll draw names at the end of next week, so enter right…

Colorado Christian University

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Kanye or Matthew West

Though there are no direct family ties between rapper Kanye West and Christian artist Matthew West, some* have found their writing styles similar. Will Betty Rock be able to identify which West wrote each of these lines? *none   ALSO SEE: Matthew West Shows How To Make Stinging Words Less Painful FULL INTERVIEW:        


We live in a broken world as is evidenced by the shooting today at UCC in Oregon. This is becoming too common of an occurrence. Even hearing the shooter is dead doesn’t bring comfort, it just adds to the mystery and tragedy. It is in these times that we have to claim God’s promise, that He will give us peace when there is not understanding. So maybe that needs to be our prayer for people…

Benham Brothers

Recently I got a new perspective on wanting to be relevant when it came to my faith from the Benham Brothers. The Benham Brothers, David and Jason, are identical twins brothers who played Major League Baseball and they were the hosts of Flip it Forward with HGTV. They lost their TV show because of how they were painted in the media by liberal activists groups who did not like their conservative stance for God and…