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Do Not Air The Wally Show If…

• You think connecting with your audience is a hassle. • You don’t believe in entertaining ministry. • You like flying under the radar. • You feel more listeners brings too much work. But if you embrace these challenges and want this for your station, you could have a radio show that is: • professional and relevant • funny and entertaining • award-winning • ministry-minded • 4-person • FTP-delivered …And probably for less than you pay someone voice-tracking… … Continue reading

Betty shows off her drawing skills

We saw Betty’s drawing skills in Photo Op when she drew Don Knotts. We challenged her to put pencil to paper one more time and capture the essence of everyone on the show. Which is your favorite? Zach   [wdca_ad ] Bekah   Wally     … Continue reading

E-Mess: Get Wally off the radio

Photo by bobsfever I wish I could pay for Wally to get off the radio with his hypocrite behind. How dare he claim to be Christian and not even believe that God exists. He gets on knowing people are listening and makes jokes about Jesus. That is soo disrespectful! Those jokes aren’t funny and if you live to please the world than how are you christian? I am angry at Wally for being sooo fake… … Continue reading

Photo Op: March 23, 2015

Photo Op is where Wally confiscates all of our phones and we’re held accountable for the last photo we took. Which photo do you like the best? Top left: Wally took this picture to prove to Betty once and for all that Michael W. Smith and George Michael are not the same person. Top right: For once, Wally isn’t the one sharing the picture of furniture. Bekah is super excited about the table Wally made for them! Bottom… … Continue reading

E-Mess: I feel that God does not love me

Photo by geezaweezer Hi Wally, Please disregard the first copy of the email sent. Gotta love fat fingers on an iPhone anywho… I feel strange writing this email to you a complete stranger, but I value your honest and human way you express your life in Christ. Have you ever felt that God doesn’t really love you? I have been feeling very disconnected with what I know from I hear about His love to how… … Continue reading