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3 Ways to Add Joy Back Into Your Christmas

We finally get to have a Christmas together again, and yet…the stress has not gone away. Whether you are overwhelmed, not feeling it, or even grieving this Christmas, God is sharing an invitation with you to experience His peace and presence. Christmas at it’s core is not about the decorating, parties, gifts, or even the goodwill that is shared. Christmas is about the God of the Universe being so crazy in love with you that… … Continue reading

The Perfect Holiday Gift For Each Enneagram Type

The Enneagram is a tool to define different personality types by assigning a number (1-9) to each type. Since gift buying is so personal, I hope this tool helps you understand the kind of gift that would be best for each unique personality type. If your loved one does not know their enneagram type there are plenty of free tests they can take online to figure it out. Please comment with your enneagram number and… … Continue reading

Hilarious Turkey Day Cooking Disasters You Can Now Avoid

Thanksgiving is the holiday surrounding food! If you are not an experienced cook, things can go bad so quickly! My mom once used too small of a pan for our turkey causing the juices to overflow into the oven and starting a fire in our tiny WV home! (YIKES!) Check out these hilarious stories that people like you shared that will help you know what at avoid in the kitchen this thanksgiving!   “One time… … Continue reading

Joy’s Favorite Go-To Items for New Moms

Welcome to the list that I wish had when I was an expecting mom! When you are about to have your first child and you realize it’s time to register for gifts, it can be overwhelming! Just walking into Buy, Buy, Baby and you will see so many kind of baby monitors and bibs it can feel impossible to know which ones to choose.  I am passionate about helping other women not feel so clueless.… … Continue reading

Joy Answers Your Questions on Her First Year of Motherhood

You learn SO MUCH as a new mom. Joy answers your questions all about her first year of motherhood. The questions range from coffee temperature to adoption and Joy shares some things that she has never said anywhere else! Listen to this as a podcast instead: Afternoons with Joy Podcast · SPECIAL EDITION: 1st Year of Motherhood Q&A Pt. 1 … Continue reading