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The Accent Game With Christine Caine

For many years I have said that as Americans we will accept just about anything we are told if it is said in an Australian accent. So, I finally got to test my theory when Christine Caine stopped by. Which is more believable…Christine’s amazing Australian accent or Betty’s sweet Southern accent? She also has a great new book out called Don’t Look Back: Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward with Passion and Purpose. This was our… … Continue reading

5 Tips For Roadtripping With Kids

We just didn’t know! That is what my husband and I said when we made a huge mistake on a road trip and stopped at a hotel around midnight with my toddler. We expected him to stay asleep and transfer seamlessly into the hotel room. As many parents have now told us, this was delusional! Kids gets so excited when they arrive in a new place. The second he opened his eyes he was totally… … Continue reading

Get Your Free WayFM Bingo Game!

Graduations can be long and boring, so add some fun to the whole family with our bingo sheets! See who can get 5 in a row first and win. Download your own copy at the bottom of this page and print it out before your graduation event.   Download your graduation bingo game … Continue reading

Getting Unstuck With Christine Caine

We got a chance to sit down with Christine Caine.  She is a speaker, author, evangelist, podcaster, raccoon wrangler, (I made that last one up), and best selling author.  Her latest book is called Don’t Look Back: Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward With Passion And Purpose. I think if we are being honest most of us get stuck in our faith from time to time. I love Christine’s perspective on not only getting unstuck, but… … Continue reading

Chonda Pierce And Wally Want To Get Canceled

Chonda Pierce has a new movie out called Roll With It where she is not playing a comic, but a down and out manager of the Biscuit Barrel who can sing.  You can catch it in theaters today and Thursday. If you want to find more info or get tickets, go to rollwithit.movie. I saw a couple things in the trailer that I thought were funny, but as a comic it is easy to step… … Continue reading

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas From Teachers

Teacher Appreciation week is almost here! Last time I bought a gift for my son’s teachers it was rather expensive and I filled a basket with goodies like chocolates, spa items, candles, and coffee mugs. Later a teacher friend of mine expressed that I bought all the things teachers DO NOT WANT. To ensure a home run gift this time, I took to social media to ask teachers what they REALLY want. Top Things Teachers… … Continue reading

Check Out The “Hamilton” Inspired Musical About Jesus

Inspired by the musical Hamilton, Anna Brown, at just 18 years old felt called to set the story of Jesus to music. The musical is called His Story and what makes her story so interesting is that she had no musical training.  This musical is a great example of what God can do when we are willing to follow Him into the unknown; Frozen 2 reference intended! Here is a little more about the show.… … Continue reading