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Chris Tomlin Surprises Contest Winner!

Chris Tomlin didn’t get to where he is today without having people who believed in him help him out along the way.  That is why this is so cool.   We partnered with Chris to give a worship leader a once in a life time opportunity; to open for Chris Tomlin at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater! Aaron McClain was our winner and the look on his face said it all when we surprised him by… … Continue reading

A Dementia Love Story You’ve Got to Hear!

“Are you ok with this?” One morning Faron’s mom called demanding an answer to that question. She has been suffering from dementia for years and no longer recognized her husband. She called her son asking if he was ok with this random man living in her home with her. What grew out of this season is a fairytale kind of love that doesn’t come around often. Here the story of how Faron’s father consistency loved… … Continue reading

For King and Country Concert Helps Ukraine

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have watched millions of innocent people fleeing for their lives as they run headfirst into uncertainty. I am sure we have all wondered, what can I do? How can I make a difference? Those questions plagued Joel and Luke from For King and Country so they came up with a great idea! They put together a concert in the Desert to raise money to help victims of the… … Continue reading

Don’t Miss Joy Singing the National Anthem at an NBA Game!

You can do things that scare you. If anxiety and fear tend to get the best of you, I understand that feeling. As much as I struggle with fear, I don’t want it to rule my life. When I found out I would be singing the national anthem at an NBA game instead f a minor league baseball game, my first instinct was GET OUT OF IT! But I knew that was my fear talking.… … Continue reading

If Our Emails Were Honest

Aaaaah, vacation. That magical time when you get to unplug and enjoy your family and some well-deserved time off. Except….if you’re like me, maybe you’re not the best at actually taking time off. I have a vacation coming up, and if I were honest in my “out-of-office” reply, this is how it would sound: View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Bekah Eaker (@bekaheaker) Hey, I am not thankful for your email, but… … Continue reading

Monday School: What’s In a Name

Monday School is Wally’s chance to share what he learned at church and to prove he went.  This week’s discussion: We all have titles, and Jesus’ title was Messiah. It’s up to us to decide who He is to us and what role, or title, we give him in our lives. … Continue reading

Ryan Stevenson Reminds Us It’s Ok To Fall Apart

I have never cried like this during an interview. Cancer is such a horrible and scary word. When my Aunt told me her breast cancer was back, I asked her how she was handling everything emotionally. She said every day when she would lay on the table for radiation, she would quote lyrics from a Ryan Stevenson song to remind her that God can even use our scars. That moment I decided if I could… … Continue reading

Hope from a Pastor in Ukraine

Even though his city is in the middle of a war zone, Pastor Sergey Nakul stayed to minister to the people of Kyiv, Ukraine. Here is just one of the messages of hope he’s provided: For ways to pray for the conflict in Ukraine or to donate to Ukrainians through our partnership with Convoy of Hope, click here.  … Continue reading