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“The Things We’ve Been Afraid to Say” With Mike From Tenth Avenue North

There are certain topics that have long been taboo inside of Christianity, even though they are things that we should be addressing. That’s why Tenth Avenue North released their album The Things We’ve Been Afraid To Say where they tackle the difficult and even awkward subjects with brutal honesty. Mike Donehey from Tenth Ave. joined us to dive deeper into the songs and explain that even though their lyrics might seem shocking, they’re meant to… … Continue reading

Surprisingly Easy Ways to Thank a Vet on Veterans Day

We asked our favorite serviceman, the Army’s Lieutenant Colonel Polosky, for practical ways we can show our appreciation to servicemen and women on Veterans Day. Hear our full interview with LTC Polosky in our podcast: You may remember LCT Polosky is the one who took Bekah sky diving earlier this year. The video is well worth a watch. Watch Bekah jump!   … Continue reading

We Make Good On Our Promise to AGT’s Joseph O’Brien

The last time we had America’s Got Talent star Joseph O’Brien in, we promised him that we would have him back to perform one of his songs after he had wrapped up filming for AGT. Today, we made good on that promise. Here’s Joseph O’Brien performing his song “Light.” We also talked about life after America’s Got Talent and that awkward shoutout he was forced to give during the quarterfinals. … Continue reading

Join the Support Group for the Wives of No Shave November

It’s November and you know what that means: men are no longer shaving their beards. The cause behind “No Shave November” is a great one, but why can’t men just donate money and raise awareness while still keeping their facial hair under control?? The real sufferers of this month are the women behind these men with nasty unkept beards. I am one of those women- hear me roar! This can be a long month filled… … Continue reading

What’s the Last Photo on Your Phone?

Photo Op is where Wally confiscates our phones and checks out the last photo we took. Which photo do you like the best? Top-Left: I don’t have kids, so my dog Hadley gets to dress up every year. It’s a puppy in a poodle skirt!! -Bekah Top-Right: At Pumpkinfest, my daughter Anna was excited to get her picture taken with some princesses. She had no idea who the guy sliding in on the left was. -Zach… … Continue reading

Daigle and Degeneres: The Dynamics of This Duo

I know there are some well-meaning Christians who seem to be a bit confused as to why a Christian artist like Lauren Daigle would go on the show of a “Godless sinner like Ellen.” Sadly, that was an exact quote from a preacher’s wife who called me after we talked to Lauren Daigle about her performance on the Ellen Show. Those words reverberated in my head, and I found myself both flabbergasted and frustrated. The… … Continue reading

Chaplains in Choppers Eating Churros

There is a new movie out called Indivisible. While it is a serious movie about the stress that deployments take on soldiers and their families, we thought we would have a little fun first. So we did “Chaplains in Choppers Eating Churros” with Chaplain Darren Turner, the man whose life and service inspired the movie “Indivisible.” Indivisible is the true story of Army Chaplain Darren Turner who went to Iraq to help minister to the… … Continue reading