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3 Amazing Last Minute Valentines Gifts From a So Called Love Expert

Hey there! I’m CJ & I hope you’re not allergic to awesome, cause the below list might send you to the hospital! TIP 1: B-Line to the Kitchen Store & purchase your love a brand new Cheese-Grater! Leave the note below to elevate the romance to a higher level!     “Your love is GRATER than the rest…”       TIP 2: Mosey on over to Barnes & Noble & ask them to find… … Continue reading

The First Trailer for FROZEN 2 Is Here & It Will Give You Chills

3 words… AH-MAZ-ING!!! The only thing more entertaining than this trailer is a video of your kid reacting to this trailer! Help us out & roll film of your little one watching this sneak peek of Frozen 2 for this first time & email it to…CJandJoy@wayfm.com. We’d love to feature your little one in an upcoming montage-video… The internet isn’t ready for all this cuteness!   … Continue reading

Justin’s Goodbye and Kelly’s Hello! | WAY-FM’s New Night Show

New is exciting, but also bittersweet. Justin Paul, WAY-FM’s Night Show Host, is leaving the show. We’re sad to see him go, BUT in this special video message, Justin introduces you to Kelly Corday – your new Night Show Host! Spoiler alert: You’re going to love her!   Find your new favorite and get to know Kelly in her “Favorite Things” video!    Hang out with Kelly on WAY-FM every weekday night at 7CT!  Listen… … Continue reading

Learn How to Make the World’s Healthiest Egg Salad

You don’t have a ton of time to spend making healthy lunches and snacks and neither do we! That’s why CJ created this egg salad recipe using avocado that is surprisingly delicious! Joy fell in love with the taste, but wanted to know how to recreate it. Check out the video and get the recipe below.   Download and save this recipe for later!  … Continue reading

Wally Makes Love Languages Awkward

Wally found out the love languages of each member of the show and decided to gift us with those things. Unfortunately, it got a little awkward for Zach…. If you’re not sure what your love language is, you can take the test here! It may help make your relationship stronger by learning how to show love to the other person in a way they’ll appreciate it. We also talked to Dr. Paul White who cowrote… … Continue reading

The Letter Your Sleepless Child Can’t Write Yet…

Dear Mommy & Daddy,     I’m really sorry I keep waking up in the middle of the night. Sleeping is hard when you’re a kid. I rolled over at like 2 AM & it was dark & scary… The quiet of night makes every little noise stand out & my little brain starts to become paranoid. Is that a monster under my bed? Is it a shark in my bathtub? Could it be a snake… … Continue reading

Give a Teen Musician an Unbelievable Week at Camp Electric

Chances are you have or know a kid who loves to make music. You want to encourage them but aren’t sure how. Well, here’s how! Just fill out the quick form below to nominate them to win a free trip to Camp Electric. Camp Electric is a worship and rock ‘n roll music camp for thirteen to nineteen-year-olds who want to learn more about guitar, bass, drums, keys, and even strings. And you can learn about… … Continue reading

Learn How to Make Delicious and Healthy Game Day Snacks That Even Wally Likes

If you’re excited about the game this weekend but a little unsure on what snack to bring to the party that’ll meet everyone’s dietary restrictions, Callie from Luv Cooks is here to help! With absolutely no help from Wally, she taught us how to make healthy and delicious nachos, popcorn toppings, and peanut butter cups. Plus, Wally made her try his own concoction that was made of mostly bacon. … Continue reading