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The 7 Kinds of Rest and How to Know Which One You Need

We think rest is as simple as taking a nap, but not knowing what KIND of rest you need may leave you feeling exhausted at the end of something intended to help you. Summer is when we typically try to find some time to rest. You may need more than one of these kinds of rest so see what sounds like what you need and make space for it. If you want more details, listen… … Continue reading

3 Truths for the Class of 2022

There’s something about graduation season that makes me nostalgic. While you couldn’t pay me enough money to go back to high school, there are definitely a few things that I wish I knew back then: 1. You’re not too young As you enter the next stage of your life, there will be people who will count your youth against you. Whether it’s upperclassmen talking down to freshmen in college, or coworkers at your first real… … Continue reading

Photo Op: That’s Embarrassing

Photo Op is where Wally makes us send him the last photo we took on our phones and tell him the story behind it. Which photo do you like the best? Wally: This is what it looks like when you go shopping and forgot that you are in the store where you bought the outfit you are wearing. I could not resist pointing this out to my wife, Mardi.  I think women appreciate that kind… … Continue reading

Bullets + Backpacks = Broken

It’s an all too familiar site. Terrified looks on the faces of kids as they try to process what they have just seen. SWAT members trying to bring order to chaos. Worried parents crying as they are reunited with, or learn the fate of their child. It is yet another senseless school shooting. When you hear what happened at Robb Elementary school in TX or see the videos, you cannot help but feel something.You might… … Continue reading

5 Tips to Make Roadtripping with Kids Fun this Summer

We just didn’t know! That is what my husband and I said when we made a huge mistake on a road trip and stopped at a hotel around midnight with my toddler. We expected him to stay asleep and transfer seamlessly into the hotel room. As many parents have now told us, this was delusional! Kids gets so excited when they arrive in a new place. The second he opened his eyes he was totally… … Continue reading

Get Your Free WayFM Bingo Game!

Graduations can be long and boring, so add some fun to the whole family with our bingo sheets! See who can get 5 in a row first and win. Download your own copy at the bottom of this page and print it out before your graduation event.   Download your graduation bingo game … Continue reading