Dear Bubba Watson…

So you lost your cool. You acted how you probably never thought you would act on the golf course and even said a few choice words on national tv. I don’t want to tell you how you should have done better. I don’t even want to tell you that we expected more from a Christian in the public eye. I just want to say I’m sorry.

BubbaBubba, I’m sorry for how Christians everywhere responded! You were called a hypocrite and chastised for your actions all over the internet. Some fans said you have lost them forever. This is NOT how Jesus would want us to respond as His church. Jesus talks about grace being made perfect in our weakness in 2 Corinthians 12:8-9. You had a moment of weakness and that’s ok. Even though the Christian community may act like they hate you right now, God does not.

Bubba, I’m sorry that Christians have put you on a pedestal of perfect that you cannot possible live up to. You did not ask for this pedestal, it was given to you. It’s not fair for the church to expect you to be one of their perfect examples for the public. We all make mistakes. We are all a mess. Thank you for acknowledging your mistakes and saying that you are striving for better. We all are.

May you see those in the church who receive you with open arms, who understand your mistakes, and who forgive you. God calls us to LOVE one another, but we struggle to do that first. We want to focus on your mistakes for a little while so we do not have to deal with our own. God forgives you, Bubba, and I do too. Please don’t be discouraged.


– Joy


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