For Every Parent Who Struggles With Their Kids Taking A Bath

I was that smelly kid growing up. My parents would tell me to take baths and for whatever reason, I just wouldn’t. I’d lie and say I did or I’d run the water but not get in. Or if I did get in the shower, sometimes I wouldn’t use soap! I have no idea why, I just hated it and my poor parents had to deal with a smelly kid for a good chunk of my pre-middle school life.

I’ve got a few neighbors who are dealing with this exact same thing with their kids, so we made this anthem for every parent who struggles with having a smelly kid in their home. Thanks to Plumb for coming by and helping us make this song so awesome!

Here is our newest silly song “I Have This Soap”


If you want to hear more from Plumb, check out her new song “God Help Me” playing now on WAY-NEW.

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