Honduras or bust!

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All next week Joy and I will be in Honduras working with Compassion International. While I am super excited about the chance to go overseas and seeing first hand the work that Compassion does…I am feeling super unprepared for my missions trip. So I figured who better to ask than the guy who goes on yearly missions trips, WALLY!

I spoke with Wally today about what he is taking with him and he gave me a few good ideas! Like:

-Hand Sanatizer

-Handy Wipes

-Little toys for the kids

-A Universal Outlet Converter

And maybe even a few bad ideas…like when I asked about what snacks or foods he was taking he mentioned:



-Gummy Bears

-Slim Jims

Yeah…my diet needs to consist of more than just sugar. So…HELP ME! If you have any MUST HAVE items that you think I should be taking with me, leave a comment and let me know.

I really am so excited to see first hand what Compassion does with their Child Survival Program and how they are working in one of the most violent countries on the planet right now. Its crazy how the violence is Honduras is WORSE than war torn countries like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan! You can follow along with our trip on this blog all next week for updates from us and the rest of the way-fm team.


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