How You Can Learn to Trust God Without the Why

I’m a curious person and always need to know why. This is what makes my relationship with God so hard. He rarely gives us the “why.”

trust God without a whyI know that our perspective is so small compared to His that I might not even understand the “why,” but it does not stop me from wanting it. God wants us to TRUST Him even without knowing the “why” behind everything. I realized this today while reading the book of Job in the Bible. Job experiences crazy hardship in his life, but when he wants to know why God never tells him. Instead of explaining the why behind it all, God shows Job that he is trustworthy. God shows that He is all powerful by asking Job questions like, “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?”

When we lose sight of what God is doing and ask “why” we have to trust that God knows better than we do. Believing without seeing is the essence of faith and it has to be exercised every time we do not understand. This is easy to say, but SO hard to do. I struggle with it every day. If you struggle with it too, maybe you should dig into the end of the book of Job and see all the questions God asks to show his greatness. After reading that, I am reminded that my mighty God is trustworthy and in control! Once I start holding onto that, my “why” does not seem as important.

– Joy


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