The Most Interesting Artists of 2016

Every year we compile a list of some of the most interesting artists in Christian music. We hear their songs on the radio, but there’s so much more to them than just a hit song. Here is this years full list!

  • NF


Who is NF? Maybe ask your kids, but Nathan “Nate” Feuerstein from Gladwin, Michigan has been making waves for a while now. This year though he took it to another level with “Therapy Session” his second studio album. Not only did his album debut at #1 on the Christian HipHop charts, it also took the top spot on the regular Christian charts as well. 2016 brought NF his first Dove Award for Rap Album of the Year and his collaboration with TobyMac on “Till The Day I Die” has everyone talking. This guy came out of nowhere to dominate 2016 in the world of Hip-Hop and Christian music.


  • Casting Crowns

“You don’t really hear the words, you have cancer, you hear the words, you’re going to die.” That’s what Mark Hall told us when we sat down with him earlier this year and he talked about his battle with cancer and how it fueled the bands new album “The Very Next Thing.” “You never speak louder to the world about your faith than when you’re in a storm,” Mark Hall explained. “For me, I knew I’d taught a lot of lessons, I’ve written books, I’ve written songs, but I’m about to tell the world a whole lot through what happens to me in the next months.” In 2016 Mark let his faith speak through his music with songs like “Oh My Soul” that really paint the picture of where he was during his battle with cancer and how God showed up.


  • Lauren Daigle

To hear Lauren tell it, she lucked into an absolutely stunning start to a career. She flew to an indie artist retreat to sing background vocals for another band. While there, the band’s lead vocalist got very sick and she was tapped to fill in and lead. Long story short, she absolutely blew away the record label, they signed her to a deal and the rest is musical history. Lauren won 3 Dove Awards this year for Song Writer of the Year, Pop Song of the Year, Artist of the Year, and was nominated for a Grammy! She was also a part of this years World’s Biggest Small Group where she shared how God showed up in the middle of her biggest struggle…being home bound with a very serious illness.

  • DC Talk

Just when you started to think we would never see Michael Tait, Kevin Max and TobyMac share the same stage again as the epic band, DCTalk…it seems your prayers were answered this year. The nostalgia of the 90’s seemed to all come flooding back just a few months ago when they announced the DC Talk Cruise, though while met with a ton of backlash has since sold out and is ready to hit the high seas in the summer of 2017. If you’ve gotten yourself a cabin you’ll experience your childhood before the rest of us left hoping for a tour or some other option to see the 90’s on stage again. If you just can’t wait and want to see what its gonna be like now, check out the video above since they performed together at The Dove Awards Show just a few weeks ago.


  • for King and Country

These guys have had a monster year. Their album “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.” has been their biggest album to date, their song “Priceless” scored them a #1 and has since been turned into a movie to help the fight against human trafficking. “The power of music can impact our mood, emotions, our day. But when you merge the strength of music with the heart, hope and passion of the Gospel… it has the ultimate power not only to change someone’s day, but to impact them for eternity. This is why we write music and sing songs – we hope that people will be moved, encouraged and stirred to live a life for Someone greater than themselves.” -For King and Country

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