Which WAY-FM Staff Member was Voted Most Likely to Commit a Crime?

With the end of the year in sight, we’ve voted on superlatives for the WAY-FM staff.

Here are the 2015 Staff Superlatives:


Wally: Most likely to lose his man card over a broadway show.


Betty Rock: Most likely suspect in the event that Wally goes missing.

Betty as Lecrae's hypeman

Zach: Most likely to prove you wrong.

Zach Photo

Bekah: Most likely to have nightmares because of a vacuum.

Bekah scared face

Brant-Most likely to be offended if you do not like his book “Unoffendable.”


Carlos- Most likely to cry more than the baby when he becomes a dad.

Carlos superlative

Joy- Most likely to trip over her own two feet and then make a music video about it.

Joy Clumsy Video

Justin Paul- Most likely to tear his ACL playing fantasy football.

Justin superlative

Rebie- Most likely to be mistaken for a toddler.


What superlatives would you add?

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