Sometimes You have to Adapt Your Perspective to Survive

Live Service Out, our national service event, was this past weekend. Carlos and I met an amazing woman named Rachel at the rescue mission. She is an avid WAY-FM listener that was so excited to come and serve people breakfast. Rachel explained that she used to live on the streets. She knows what a life of addiction looks like so now that she is off the streets she wants to give back and help others.

Between serving plates of food, Rachel shared that she just lost yet another job last week. She said with her rough past it’s tough for her to pass a free background check. The crazy part was how happy and positive Rachel was even while telling me this! She said, “I didn’t even cry this time! I’ve got two little boys at home to provide for, but God knows what He’s doing and He’ll take care of us!”

What?! Rachel just lost her job and she isn’t even nervous about finding another one?

This baffled me.

I had to ask her how she always stays SO positive. Rachel’s response is one that I still can’t stop thinking about. Rachel said, “Sometimes you have to adapt your perspective to survive. You can get upset and angry but in the end God is in control.”

I have never been homeless, jobless, or struggling with the weight of addiction and yet I struggle to trust God with the small struggles in my life. To see Rachel walk through such a difficult life and still say Be positive, God is in control,” was mind boggling. She is so right though! God is in control. He WILL take care of us no matter how hopeless it feels.

We can’t control what happens to us, but the smile on our face…now that’s a choice.

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