Stop Waiting to Live Your Life

Stop Waiting to Live Your Life

I will really start living when __________ .


What would you put in that blank?

– When I get my dream job

– When I have kids

-When I get out of debt

I have been filling that blank with “When I get married.”

Since I was five years old and taking care of my baby dolls, I have wanted to get married and have a family! However, God’s timing has been much different than my own and I’m still waiting to meet Mr. Right.

That’s ok.
It’s all ok: not meeting Mr. Right yet, not having your dream job yet, or not being out of debt yet.

What is NOT ok is waiting to live your life until you have accomplished that next thing. We are missing now. We missing TODAY! I already look back at the last few years and regret losing so much time waiting and worrying about finding the right one. I want every day, even these days while I’m “waiting” to count!
I was reading an article by relevant magazine that said,

“Think about the wildest things you could ever want to do—the things that would truly make you feel alive—and walk toward them.”

What makes you feel alive? What makes you feel like you are doing what God created you to do?
If you don’t know, then seek it out and find it!

We do not know what tomorrow brings and I am tired of waiting for my life to begin. I hope God does bring a man and a family into my life someday but for now I am going to start living every moment while I wait.


– Joy

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