Joy Goes to the Doctor and Gets an Extra Special Blessing

Dr office Today, I went to the Doctor for an ear ache, not expecting to have an incredible encounter with Sheila! Sheila was my nurse and we quickly started talking about life and WAY-FM!

Sheila has not only listened to WAY-FM for 20 years but has been supporting it financially! She said her  kids would always sing along to it in the back seat. Now one of her daughters is a missionary in Africa and boldly shares her faith!

WAY-FM has always been a part of Sheila’s family, but they have needed it more than ever this last year. Sheila lost both of her parents in the last 10 months. She said the music is a constant reminder that God is faithful and that she can trust Him during this hard season.

Sheila was one of those people that you are not the same after meeting. Her faith was so real and her trust in God simply made me wonder how I can doubt Him so easily over much less.

I walked into the Doctor’s office feel sick and discouraged but God used Sheila to put a smile on my face and remind me that he is faithful! Our WAY-FM family is filled with amazing people who are going through more than we will ever know! If you support WAY-FM financially, thank you! You are making a difference along with people like Sheila every day!


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