You Won’t Believe The Crazy Things People Actually Put on Their Wedding Registries

Joy here and I’ve learned it’s a dangerous thing to put a wedding registry scanner into a man’s hands. You never know what they will scan!  I looked away for just a few minutes while in Bed, Bath, and Beyond my fiance decided we needed some toilet bowl cleaner and added this to our registry. I thought for sure no one would ACTUALLY purchase it for us. But of course Carlos surprised me with it at my bridal shower!

Apparently I am not alone in ending up with a weird gift from my registry. Here are some of our favorite answers to the question
“What is the weirdest thing you registered for and actually got for your wedding?

Carlos said he has one of these for his son and loves it!

Since cooking is not my strong suite, this sounds like an epic present. 

The man who bought and brought that ax is my hero!

If they had received the coffin her husband might have needed it way too soon! 

Do you have any items to add to the list? Comment below.

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