You Won’t Believe The Powerful Story Behind Danny Gokey’s New Song

You may have been introduced to Danny Gokey like most of America, through his time on American Idol. When he went on the show, he had just lost his wife and was struggling through the healing process. Gokey’s new song, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again,” is about how God has already healed our hearts, but we must make the decision daily to walk in that healing.

“I heard “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” for the first time yesterday. Good thing I was stopped at a red light. I would have had to pull over. What a powerful, beautiful song!” – Cheryl on the WAYFM App

Not only does it reflect on Gokey’s own healing process, but it’s also the gospel in a nutshell. We are no longer who we were before we met Jesus. Our hearts are healed and made whole when we enter a relationship with Jesus, but sometimes we live like our hearts are still not beating. If you are living in defeat and grief, this song is the reminder that God is our great physician. He is our healer! “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” is the reminder we need to recognize the healing available for our own hearts and take hold of it.

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