5 Surprising Secrets to for King & Country’s Big Success

for King & Country may still be considered new to the Christian music scene, but they’ve been met with undeniable success. Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone have performed multiple times on national television, won two Grammys, and brought down the house at Winter Jam, while continuing to encourage their fans with music and gratitude – and this was just in the past 4 months.

for King and Country Meet Taylor Swift


The guys recently gave us a glimpse into their personal lives in a video called, “for King & Country | A Day in the Life.”

It gives us a glimpse at what makes this band strong and successful from the core. Here are 5 secrets to success we got from for King & Country. They’re surprisingly applicable to our own every-day lives.

1. Genuine Connection with People

Joel and Luke show an incredible amount of love and appreciation to their fans. In the video, they say interacting with fans are some of their favorite and most meaningful moments on tour. Luke says, “Those are usually the moments that make it feel very very worthwhile… you actually get to see how your music is impacting people’s lives.”

2. Consistent Spiritual Mentoring and Encouragement

Joel and Luke’s dad travels with the band and serves as their spiritual mentor. Every night he shares Scripture, encouraging words, and heartfelt prayers with them. No doubt, this is a big part of their success. Not only do they have wise spiritual counseling from a trusted mentor, but they’re taking time each day to fix their eyes (pardon the pun) on what really matters.

for King and Country in NYC


3. Accountability

The whole band refocuses together each night. Real community, where you can share freely, trust each other, and encourage each other, is vital to growth. We can’t do this alone.

4. Desire for Excellence

If you’ve ever seen a for King & Country live show, you know what I’m talking about! The guys put their entire heart and soul into every performance. They could just play their music. People would still like them. But they’re innovators. You can tell everything has been chosen to create an awesome experience for am audience they care about. It makes an astonishing difference! Take a cue from for King & Country and don’t ever do things half way.

Secrets to Success for King & Country

5. Passion

There’s no denying, for King & Country is passionate about what they do. The message of hope, fight, truth, and justice seeps from their every action. And for that, we’re grateful.

Check out the full video for yourself! Which secret to success can you start applying to your own life today?

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