6 Reasons We Love For King & Country


Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone lead one of the most talked about bands of the year. Here’s 6 things we love about what they’re doing.

1. Their Accents.

This may seem small, but let’s face it, these guys are just fun to listen to. And when Joel reads the 1 Corinthians 13 monologue during “Proof of Your Love”… it becomes all the more memorable!

2. Their Fresh Approach on Music.

The Smallbone brothers are bringing something new the Christian music scene. No one else really sounds like them. Thier songs use a variety of instruments and their use of drums in both recordings and live shows is a force to be reckoned with. Which brings us to…

3. They do this (at their live shows).


The band puts on one of the most innovative and energetic live shows you’ll see these days. They put everything they have into their performances and the result is a fantastic experience and connection with the fans

4. They’re fearless.

Anyone who conquers the healthy fear of snakes is a hero in our book.


5. They know what really matters.

They may be on tour, writing a new song, or working in the recording studio,  but Joel and Luke keep family and ministry at the forefront. Whether they’re spending time with their kids or running a marathon to support children in Haiti, they try to honor God with their priorities.



6. They press on.

Sometimes life throws us curve balls we weren’t expecting. In the past year, the band has faced several rough patches, including serious health problems for Luke. For King & Country pressed on through difficult circumstances by relying on God and the prayers of other Believers. They remind us to trust God and keep moving forward even when things get rough.


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