A Day in the Life of Mike Donehey is More Interesting Than We Expected

Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North recently let us in on a “day in the life” of his family. What seemed like it would be a typical run-of-the-mill video about someone’s morning routine, turned into 3 minutes of thought-provoking questions and inspiring answers.

Watch as Mike goes through the beginning of his day while one of their new songs called “Just Getting By” plays in the background. If you listen to the lyrics, you can feel what Mike is asking himself as he goes through the motions. Then you start to ask yourself the same questions – What am I taking for granted? What is holding me back from doing what I love and what I’m supposed to do? Where along the lines did I stop noticing the beauty in these everyday things?

… Are you just getting by?


If you want to meet these guys in person at their show in LA or if you want a FREE copy of their new album called “Cathedrals,” enter our Tenth Avenue North contest right here!

Tenth Avenue North
“I’m waking up to what’s around me
I’ve lost too much to a fantasy
I’m tired living like I’m just getting by
Just getting by
I’m just getting by…

I want to be all here now
Wherever I am, that’s where I’ll be found
Staying present even in the fear now
Life with open eyes
Please don’t pass me by”

“Just Getting By” by Tenth Avenue North

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