Get 6 Free Songs from Your Favorite WAY-FM Artists!

FreeCCM Fall

Want free music? We’ve got songs from these 6 WAY-FM Artists and more just for you! Click the banner above or your favorite album cover to sign up to get your FREE music.

1. Phil Wickham

A WAY-FM classic you’re sure to love – Phil Wickham is giving you a song called “The Ascension.”



2. Mercy Me

The guys from MercyMe are giving away a song called, “Burn Baby, Burn.”

3. Citizen Way

You can hear these guys on tour with Wally this Christmas and on WAY-FM every day! They’re also giving away their title track called “Love is the Evidence.”

4. Hawk Nelson

Gotta love these guys and this song called “Made!”

5. Fellowship Creative

You can hear this band on WAY NEW! If you want to hear more of what they sound like, download the free song called “Running to Follow.”

6. The Afters

This song has a great title. It’s called “Life is Beautiful.” Check it out!



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