Have You Seen These Amazing Performances on American Idol?

WAY-FM artists were rocking it on the American Idol finale of all finales! Tons of artists, including some of our own who got their start from the show, came back for a reunion performance.

Colton Dixon

Skip to 1:28 in the pop mashup to see Colton sing a song you’re going to know from WAY-FM. It’s his song, “Through All of It.” It’s very different from the rest of the performers, but he sounds great and it was cool to hear that kind of message on national television.


Danny Gokey

His solo was just for a few seconds, but Danny sounds amazing singing alongside these other soulful vocalists!



This is a guy you may not have heard from as much recently, but he’s still got the iconic rocker vocals we know and love. At 1:22, Daughtry starts to sing as part of the Rock Medley.


Carrie Underwood

This song is breathtaking.


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