How You Can Become a Twitter Rockstar Like Jonny Diaz

Jonny Diaz on TwitterHave you ever wondered what Twitter is all about or what you’re supposed to do now that you have a Twitter account? No need to turn to your teenager just yet. Check out Jonny Diaz’s Twitter account for a little inspiration!

Here are a 6 ways to up your Twitter game! 😉

1. Provide Inspirational Quotes

2. Quote Yourself

Here, Jonny quoted one of his own songs. This may seem odd at first, but to us, it means he really believes in what he wrote. And that’s pretty great.


3. Let people know that you just “get” it.

We know these struggles mean very little in the long run, but who hasn’t had these thoughts, right?

4. Provide helpful tips!

Taking a mental note to remember this next time we book a flight!

5. Put a creative twist on a fun picture!

And for bonus points, incorporate your cute pet. 🙂


6. Use what happens in everyday life.

Include a conversation! 

Or turn embarrassing moments into awesome tweets!

Whether you become a Twitter rockstar or not, you can always read great tweets from people like Jonny! Follow Jonny Diaz on Twitter, along with all our WAY-FM artists!

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