This Britt Nicole Video Shows You How to Change Things for the Better

You’ve probably noticed by now, our world needs a whole lot of change. Britt Nicole is on a mission to be that change – and inspire others to join her. Her new music video to the song “Be the Change” shows you where it starts.

And don’t you know it starts today?
And baby, no, it’s not too late
It begins with you and I
Together we can be the change
– Britt Nicole, “Be the Change”


This song means a lot to Britt. She says, “I love that the song says, ‘it starts today…’ Whatever you feel called to do to make a difference, to make a change – you can start right now. And I love when we step out that other people will start to feel that fire and they start to step out, too… We’re called to be the change, to be hope, to be light, to be joy, and to bring that to the world around us. I know that if we come together, we can be the change… wherever we are.”

It starts with you. Right where you are. Today. Don’t underestimate the impact of something small.

Hear Britt’s full story behind the song in the video below.


Hear the full interview on Britt Nicole’s album and life as a working mom in the More Than the Music Podcast. 

Listen to the Podcast!


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