What Building 429 Thought was a Robbery was Actually a Miracle

When your laptop, favorite Bible, and 1 1/2 years worth of songwriting work are stolen, the last thing you think is, “God is doing something awesome.” But that’s exactly what happened to Building 429.

Hear the lead singer, Jason Roy, tell the story.

Jason got a call from a man who is homeless on the streets of San Fransisco. He’s not really walking with the Lord, but his brother loves the band Building 429. He happened to find the backpacks in a trash can and figured out that they belonged to the band. The man said, “I haven’t done a whole lot right in my life, but I knew immediately that I needed to somehow call you and get your stuff back to you…”

The crazy thing? When Jason’s team set up a place to meet with the man to drop off the backpacks, they decided to meet at Teen Challenge – a place that actually has room for him to live and, if he should so want to, recover and get back on his feet.

Jason got to talk to the man more later and said, “You know what, you might think this is some crazy thing that doesn’t mean anything at all… but I really honestly think that God is reaching out for your heart. You’ve been through so much.” And I basically told him this: “I’m gonna text you, I’m gonna stay in touch with you, the next time we play out there you’re gonna be my guest. The band wants to hug your neck and get to know you…” I can’t believe God would orchestrate it like that. I’m looking forward to getting my hard drive back, but even more than that, I am so excited that I’m able to text this guy and go back and forth with this guy. He even said on the phone, “I don’t know if I’m super into the whole God thing, but I have to admit, it’s kinda crazy that I even ran into you…”

The name Jason using for the man is “Sammy.” Will you pray for Sammy today?

Watch an amazing moment from a Building 429 concert!


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