What Happened During Big Daddy Weave’s Most Embarrassing Moment Onstage?

“It just dawns on me, we’re never… gonna be cool, dude. We’re never gonna get to have that, like, ‘Chris Tomlin’ kinda moment… We don’t really roll like that. Something’s always going to break or whatever.”

That’s Mike Weaver, lead singer of Big Daddy Weave, after recounting an embarrassing show moment to Randy, an awesome WAY-FM listener and prize winner. Randy got to, not only see the band in concert, but he got to interview Mike. He asked some great questions!

We found out what has kept the band together for so long, Mike’s hidden (and embarrassing) super power,  how the guys balance touring and family life, and what music influenced them as kids.


“One of my favorite ones… is in the middle of this really sweet time of worship… The keyboard player, Jo Jo, is just, like, padding in the back. And, man, I’ve got my hands, they’re raised to the Lord, man, and I’m like, ‘God we just -‘ and at that exact moment my guitar just falls off, like… and it just dawns on me, we’re never gonna be cool, dude.”

The story is hilarious, but we have to say – Big Daddy Weave, you’re cool to us! Your music really connects with a lot of people and it’s a pleasure to play it.

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