Where the Song “Drops in the Ocean” Was Born

The guys from Hawk Nelson have been filling up social media with some really cool announcements lately. One of these announcements included a song you may be hearing on WAY-FM right now, called “Drops in the Ocean.”

The song came to life out of a moment at a Hawk Nelson concert. Lead singer, Jon Steingard, tells the story in this video.

“This is what God wanted to say to a whole generation. That He is for us – not against us. He’s not standing over us waiting for us to fail. He’s standing behind us, cheering us on like a proud parent…

Every speck of fault, blame, and guilt will be as lost as… a drop in the ocean.”

– Jon Steingard (from Hawk Nelson)

Check out Hawk Nelson’s Twitter account for more info about their new album – “Diamonds!”

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