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You know those moments. When you stop and can’t believe you’re actually here? The song, “These Are the Days” was born from one of these moments for Chris and Jodi, the husband and wife duo that make up Love & the Outcome.

When they got married, they almost immediately went on the road with their music. So, a few years later, when they found themselves buying a house, with a baby on the way, it was a surreal moment.

“We’re only given one chance to live. So, live!”


Jodi explains what that moment meant and how it made them write the song, “These Are the Days.”

“We had just come home from the studio and we had just bought our first house. So, this was a big thing. We were used to living in 800 square foot apartments or our Jetta. That’s normal for us. But Chris’s dad drives for us and lives with us and then we found out we were pregnant. And we’re like, ‘Lord, you know our needs. You know that we actually need more space, like, for real.’

So, the coolest miracle story is that God gifted us this house. We got it for less than asking even though the guy who owned it had a cash offer for more. He’s like, ‘I feel that this house is just for you guys…’ So, we were just walking up and down our new street in front of our new house and really just thanking God out loud… And Chris looked at me and said

‘Babe, these are the days. These are the days we’ll never forget.’

And I was like, ‘That’s it. We have to write that song.’ So we literally stopped our walk, went home, and wrote the song.”

Don’t let the moments pass you by.

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