You’ll Love The Message of “Even If” by MercyMe!

MercyMe released the first song off their brand new album! It’s called “Even If.”

The message in this song has the potential to change your faith forever. When Wally from The Wally Show heard these lyrics, he said this echoes the lesson that changed his life:

“I think that’s such an important concept in our faith… We hear songs about God’s power and all the great things He can do, but that’s not always the plan. Healing doesn’t always come the way we think it should come. I love the concept of “even if you don’t…” I still have hope in you and I still see you as good. That’s a turning point for me in my faith where I learned to not let my context determine who God is in my life.”

Looking forward to Mercyme’s full album!

Hear more from MercyMe!

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