I’m not a homemaker. I’m just not.

The problem is, I wish I was. I especially wish this in a day when every woman’s past time seems to be DIY projects and amazing pinterest meals. I’m not good at these things. Surely, I can improve slightly, but this is not a God-given ability of mine.

I recently visited the home of a friend named Talitha and I was memorized by the beauty of her pinterest perfect home. Upon complimenting her coffee table she shared that she had made it the week prior.

WHAT?! Average people MAKE coffee tables?

This quickly left me feeling insufficient as a woman. I’ve never even thought about making a coffee table much less attempted it! I’m never designed a beautiful wall display or painted my front door the perfect color. I’m not gifted in these areas and maybe you aren’t either. 

Talitha went on to explain that she runs a successful blog called “Love, Pomegrante House.” It’s incredible! You can check it out here http://www.lovepomegranatehouse.com/

Her job is to be a home maker and she is crazy good at it. My job is to be on the radio and that takes up more of my time than I like to admit. So, I don’t have the time or skill set to have a home like hers and that’s ok. 

I am learning to let myself off the hook. God created me just the way I am and I need to be ok with that instead of feeling disappointed with what I lack at every turn. Instead I’m going to try to stop playing the comparison game and find the areas I do excel in so I can focus on those for now. 

Is there something you feel that you lack? Maybe it makes you feel insufficient I do? Don’t you think it’s time you let yourself off the hook too?

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