Secular Music in Church

Joy here and I have always separated secular and spiritual things in my mind. I’ve never thought there could be something that could be both. My church has been mixing in some secular songs lately and it has started to frustrating me. I voiced this to some close friends and we started processing how God can still use secular music to speak to us. My friend Jeff even shared how God used the secular song “Better Days” by the Goo Goo Dolls to speak into his life! He worships every time he hears it! This confused me at first, but I know that if God can redeem me and work through me, then why can’t he do that with other things? I have never searched for God in anything that wasn’t inherently spiritual, but now I think I’m going to look at the song choice at church differently. There are amazing Christians songs out there, but God is not limited to working through only those songs! I do not want to put God in a box when it comes to what he moves and speaks to us through!

Do you always separate secular and spiritual? I’m learning some things could be both. Have you ever asked people what God has used in their life to speak to them? The answers just might surprise you.

Photo credit to: Max, Dave Perkins, Buddy Miller, Ashley Cleveland and others.

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