This photo represents my Monday…awkward and frustrating!
I had to use a massive serving spoon to eat my yogurt today because all the human sized spoons were in the running dish washer. Just one more thing to add onto my frustrating Monday. I woke up with the best of intentions. I prayed for a positive attitude and was determined not to be defeated in whatever came my way…
then I left my house. 

Somewhere in that 10 minute drive to work, things changed and I became the most unlucky person EVER! From the second I walked in the door, everything went wrong. I am still learning to use the new equipment at the studio and I made multiple errors while trying not to mess anything else up. I continued to make mistakes and screw things up until I ended up in tears over a major error. 

How did I get here? Just an hour prior I had been ready to take on the world no matter what happened. Determined to be positive in the midst of struggle. Now here I sit defeated and frustrated. 

I guess I quickly realized that when I try to handle life on my own, I can’t. I’ll fail every time and so will you. A constant reminder that we aren’t meant to handle life in our own strength. 

I’m thankful that tomorrow is a new day and I will approach it leaning on God instead of trying to pump myself up. Will I have another horrible, disastrous day? Maybe. Ok, probably! But that is ok…God gives grace when we fail and I’m so glad, because I fail at depending on Him a lot!

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