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In a new documentary the film makers are taking a look at the culture of men within the church and asking the hard question. Has Christianity feminized the faith?

From my perspective the church truly has gone a little too far into the culture of meek and mild, soft and always turning the other cheek Jesus. We forget that Jesus was a man’s-man, a carpenter, a vocal leader and when He returns He’s coming back leading the armies of Heaven as a warrior. Men need to remember what it means to be Men of God…to be strong men again. Does this film take things a little too far by diving the church in to the brutal cage matches of the MMA scene. Maybe. But if this reaches men that the average church could never reach…is it a bad thing? Personally I grew up learning martial arts, applying the skills I learned for self defense and YES even applying what I learned to my faith.

Yes, often it takes a bigger man to turn the other cheek and walk away, but also at times it takes a man willing to fight (spiritually and maybe even at times physically) for what he believes in. Raising strong men in the faith, who then in turn raise up strong children with respect and courage to stand up for their beliefs may help to shape generations to come. What are your thoughts?

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