Welcome to my life. This is Carlos and this is one of the biggest things I am learning right now in my journey with Jesus. To MAKE WAR against my flesh, daily. To look at my struggles differently and learn the reason why I am here, fighting this and what I should be/could be learning from it.

This weekend I had the opportunity to speak at a church about just that and I chose Hebrews 12:4 as my starting place. It says this, “In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood” BOOM! Yup. Let that bake your noodle for a minute.

You’re gonna have to be honest with yourself for a minute and really ask the question…what does my fight really look like? Am I really giving it ALL I GOT in my resistance or am I not? If your addiction is to something online…are you surfing the net by yourself behind a locked door expecting not to stumble? HA! Thats like an alcoholic pouring himself a beer and setting it down right next to him saying nope…not gonna touch that. We make it impossible to RESIST the temptation by truly not even trying. Leave the door open. Put the computer in the living room. Add safe search software. If you have to run away from it. Like literally. RUN! Do that or stop making excuses because they’re tired. 

We expect God to just take every little struggle away and we don’t fight for anything. If God did that, we would be some weak Christians. Unable to resist sin and the temptations life brings. I am learning what it means to be strong. To fight for my faith and for myself. Learning what God’s strength in my life can really look like and truly MAKING WAR against the flesh. 

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