• Ryan Stevenson's Summer Fitness Plan 5 - 18 - 18
    CJ & Joy talk to Ryan Stevenson about how he went from 300 lbs to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

  • Childhood Hero Redemption 5 - 11 - 18
    CJ and Joy try not to give too many spoilers on the new Star Wars film, discuss the horrible noise chip readers make and Joy meets her childhood hero, Steve Green

  • Joy Can't Cook 5-4-18
    This week CJ discovers the vortex that is Target, That Joy can't cook and Hotwings flavored Ice Cream is a thing

  • Oil Pulling 4 - 27 - 18
    Find out what happens when CJ travels with Joy for the first time, tries getting Joy to love "oil pulling" and celebrates his 9 year wedding anniversary

  • Let A Mouse Bite You, Joy 4 - 20 - 18
    CJ gives Joy friendly "advice" to not give his daughter honey, tries to talk Joy into letting a mouse bite her and touch on the magic of a baby's laugh.

  • Get to Know CJ: Marriage and Miscarriage 4-12-18
    How CJ got into Radio 1:32 Why Christian Radio now? 6:32 How to boldly meet your spouse 11:20 The Loss of Miscarriages 17:28

  • Burrito Kid Wisdom 4-6-18
    This week CJ and Joy tackle the wisdom given by the kid that built CJ's burrito, what happens when Joy makes exploding waffles and sit down to talk stress and anxiety with Jordan Feliz.

  • Car Accidents And The Bachelor 4-2-18
    Find out what happens when Joy gets in a car accident, Decides she's officially done with The Bachelor and CJ & Joy remember the late, great, Reverend Billy Graham.

  • Dave From Sidewalk Prophets Shares About Their Trailer Fire
    The band Sidewalk Prophets just suffered a horrible trailer fire and lost all of their instruments during the opening shows of their new tour. Lead singer, Dave, chats with us about what happened and what the band will do now.

  • The Best Of Carlos And Joy Ep.63
    Joy finds out sneezing really is dangerous, falls victim to mistaken identity and learns how to quit quitting.

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