• Dave From Sidewalk Prophets Shares About Their Trailer Fire
    The band Sidewalk Prophets just suffered a horrible trailer fire and lost all of their instruments during the opening shows of their new tour. Lead singer, Dave, chats with us about what happened and what the band will do now.

  • The Best Of Carlos And Joy Ep.63
    Joy finds out sneezing really is dangerous, falls victim to mistaken identity and learns how to quit quitting.

  • The Best Of Carlos And Joy Ep.62
    Joy find out what it means to fight your way to a better marriage, talks Diet Coke's new makeover and fights the pull of Hobby Lobby

  • The Best Of Carlos And Joy Ep.61
    Joy asks what your song for 2018 will be, Talks to author Annie F Downs and shows concern for her mom's health.

  • Carlos Says Goodbye as He Leaves the Show
    Sadly, Carlos is making a move to live closer to his family and is leaving the show. We have loved working together for almost 4 years so saying goodbye was not easy.

  • The Best Of Carlos And Joy Ep.60
    Carlos & Joy talk about naming kids after restaurants, What is supposed to top your Christmas tree and Joy is told to "get a hobby."

  • The Best Of Carlos And Joy Ep.59
    Carlos & Joy sit down with Brandon Heath, Discus airplane etiquette and the grief being experienced by Jimmy Fallon over the loss of his mom.

  • The Best Of Carlos And Joy Ep.58
    Joy discovers that she doesn't know Hunter as well as she thought she did, Dominic throws his first tantrum and Carlos and Joy touch on the lies we believe about God

  • The Best Of Carlos And Joy Ep.57
    Carlos & Joy play Monster Mash, Discuss being grateful for hardships and Joy turns feral in the grocery store.

  • The Best Of Carlos And Joy Ep.57
    Carlos & Joy talk about experiencing racism 1st hand, discuss foods we hate but eat anyways and Joy takes Carlos to People's Court AGAIN.

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