• How does it feel, Skurglebucks?
    How Starbucks screwed up CJ's name is anyone's guess, Joy loves sitting on the same side of the booth even though her husband hates it and what would be your funny Campaign Slogan?

  • Medicine Balls and Sweatpants and Facebook Profile Songs, Oh my!
    Joy is having a hard time with coming to terms with the fact that Starbuck is discontinuing her favorite drink, Sarah is in love with her sweatpants and is Facebook becoming the myspace we all remember?

  • Chris Tomlin - Holy Roar
    Chris Tomlin reveals the song that currently makes him worship, what he’s excited about on the new album, and plays a game where he must choose the “Holy Roar.”

  • Listening But Not Always Fixing It with Dr. Greg Smalley
    CJ struggles with trying to not always fix his wife’s problems and Joy is getting too competitive in her marriage. They gain some knowledge and understanding from marriage and family expert Dr. Greg Smalley from Focus on the Family.

  • Grief and Loss
    Losing someone close to you brings so many emotions and difficulty. CJ is preparing to lead his grandmother’s funeral this weekend so we discuss how to handle grief and say goodbye to someone you love.

  • Pat Barrett Confesses to a Crime Involving Chris Tomlin?!
    Artist Pat Barrett plays Two Truths and Lie, talks about writing "Good Good Father," and breaks down his creative bed time routine with this kids.

  • Godzilla, Kazoo & You 9-7-18
    CJ discovered his daughter with her eyes open during prayer, then CJ senses a fight with his wife about to happen and Joy brings a kazoo to work.

  • Who Stole Mimi's Money? 8 - 31 - 18
    Find out what happens when Joy places her very first Click List order, Can Joy recreate a sound effect well enough for this game and someone stole Mimi's money, but who?

  • Fighting In Marriage with Dr Greg Smalley 8-24-18
    CJ & Joy talk with Dr. Greg Smalley from Focus On The Family about what it means when a couple sleeps in separate beds and what to do when fights ensue in marriage.

  • Getting Out Of The Friend Zone 8 - 17 - 18
    We've all been "friend zoned" this week CJ & Joy help a friend of the show try to find away out of the friend zone.

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