What’s One Thing You Do to Protect Your Marriage? | Mike from Tenth Avenue North

When Mike Donehey was in college, he learned an important and somewhat humorous lesson about relationships. Now, his marriage is so important to him, he finds practical ways to protect it.

He shares his stories in this video.


Mike says, “I didn’t know I was dating girl in college, because I thought we were just friends. I kept asking, ‘We’re just friends, right?’ … And everyone else was like, ‘You guys are like, boyfriend girlfriend, right?’ And I’m like, ‘Wait, what? No we’re not. We’re just hanging out!’

And just kind of realizing that, especially time together for a woman, in my experience, was you’re communicating, ‘I have more interest than just friends.’ So, it just kind of registered when I got married. I don’t ever want to send that message to another woman.”

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