You Don’t Have to Be a Good Christian for God to Love You


“I feel like that’s something we’re all afraid of. We’re all afraid if we, ya know, expose ourselves, and we’re honest, and we’re saying, ‘Hey, this is what I’m in the middle of. This is what I’m dealing with.’ That everyone around us, including the Lord, is gonna walk away.”
– Mike Grayson from MIKESCHAIR

Mike speaks from experience here. The story behind “People Like Me” by MIKESCHAIR comes from growing up in a family battling addiction. He understands the sense of hopelessness for everyone involved, but he’s also seen God’s faithfulness through it.

You can hear Mike tell his family’s story and his inspiration for the song in this video interview.

“I’ve seen the Lord be incredibly faithful. And I’ve seen a family stick together. And I’ve seen people come alongside us and encourage us and walk us through it. I’m just honored that I’m at a point now where I can hopefully do that for other people.”
– Mike Grayson from MIKESCHAIR

No matter what the situation, He will love us and give us strength to overcome our struggles every day.

Service to God comes from His overwhelming love! Not the other way around. The love He shows us in the midst of our hurt motivates us to go out and show that love to others.

You can watch the lyric video to “People Like Me” by MIKESCHAIR right here.



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