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Dara Maclean Blameless

Dara Maclean stopped by the studio to share her new song, "Blameless." She explained where the lyrics of this song came from. "There has been a beautiful undoing in my life. Instead of making the gospel about me and how much I love God, how much I'm trying to do, and how I'm trying to be good enough. I'm making it about who HE says I am. How He is in pursuit of me. The…


Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ – a proud sponsor of Carlos & Joy and a mission field for the 21st century. Find out WHERE and WHEN auditions are being held.

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Here are the 5 MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE in Christian Music. 5. Mandisa :: She has had an absolutely huge year cranking out hit after hit after hit and even releasing a remix project. Her album "Overcomer" won Pop/Contemporary album of the year at this years Dove awards and if you follow her on twitter you know just how awesome she is on there. Making her the 5th most interesting person in Christian music. 4. Switchfoot…

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How often do we feel unloved? Uncared for? Its funny how in this day and age we are such a socially connected nation, yet studies pop up nearly daily that say we are the most lonely we have ever been. How is such a connected people feeling more isolated and alone than ever before? That baffles me...yet I myself have felt the sting of lonely, the agony of solitude. We can find comfort in knowing…


It's the time of year again when FEAR is highlighted. Scary movies are on TV, haunted houses are everywhere but I will be hiding under my blankets, thank you very much.  Fear can have more of a control over us then we even realize. I had no idea that I was living motivated by fear until someone close to me pointed it out. I'm learning that fear is a choice. I have a say! But…

Podcast Carlos and Joy

This is the best of Carlos and Joy and in this weeks episode we chat with Debra Fileta about how "YOU teach people how they treat you", Joy went to a movie by herself called "Christian Mingle", Carlos lost his mind over a cupcake and more...