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Be Brave. Bravery is a choice

551 Days. That's how long it has been since I took a step of faith and moved to a brand new city to do the Afternoon Show on WAYFM. I knew it would take bravery to start over, but God made it clear that this is where he wanted me so I figured it would be an easy transition. I was wrong. Finding a new church, new friends, even new roommates has been a challenge.…

March Madness

Think you can take down Carlos last years Bracket Champion? Think you can beat Joy who picks her brackets based on team mascots? Just want to have some fun and play alongside Carlos and Joy? Then sign up! Just CLICK HERE AND JOIN OUR BRACKET!

Carlos and Joy Sledding Snow Day

Joy decided to go sledding in the WAYFM parking lot in a laundry basket! This is the dangerous stuff that happens when the bosses stay home but the on air staff comes in to work!