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Women Christian Men should marry

"I never knew that I could get angry so quickly!" That was my friend's response to reading an article called, "10 Women that Christian Men SHOULD NOT Marry." Clearly a man wrote this article because it basically picks out every flaw a woman could ever have and says this makes her not fit to marry. No woman is perfect, but I believe the guidelines in that article take things too far. There are almost no…


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Dare To Care Hondorus

She started to tear up as she said, "He was murdered." We were gathered in the front of Catalina's small home surrounding by an old fence with barbed wire on the top. Just one more example of the dangerous community that Catalina and her family live in. Catalina is a grandmother who solely cares for her four grandchildren. Their mother left them when they were young and Catalina's was sharing that her son was murdered…


Why are we doing this? Why are we REALLY doing this? What difference could we possibly make? Those are just some of the questions I had going into this week here in Honduras. I gotta admit answers didn't come as quickly as I would have liked either. We landed on Monday, had lunch with the local Compassion International team members here in Honduras, got shuttled to our hotel and called it a day. As I…

Sponsor Child

"This is Sury!" Those words would be the beginning of a day that I will never forget. I looked down to see a tiny girl with a sweet face staring up at me holding a sign that said my name! I just started to sponsor Sury a few weeks ago through Compassion International. I've never had a child of my own, but I imagine it feels a bit like I felt as soon as I…

Honduras Childs Face

All next week Joy and I will be in Honduras working with Compassion International. While I am super excited about the chance to go overseas and seeing first hand the work that Compassion does...I am feeling super unprepared for my missions trip. So I figured who better to ask than the guy who goes on yearly missions trips, WALLY! I spoke with Wally today about what he is taking with him and he gave me…

Stop Waiting to Live Your Life

I will really start living when __________ .   What would you put in that blank? - When I get my dream job - When I have kids -When I get out of debt I have been filling that blank with "When I get married." Since I was five years old and taking care of my baby dolls, I have wanted to get married and have a family! However, God's timing has been much different…