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Break Up with Ranch

I'm on a new health kick and that means cutting some of the bad stuff out of my diet.  Sadly, one of those things that I need to "break up" with is Ranch Dressing. I've been in love with Ranch for long time, so it isn't going to be easy. My heart is broken and I'm sure that Ranch will not understand why I need some space. I decided to write a break up letter…


Actors, Models & Talent for Christ

AMTC_300x250_WPB (2) - October 11 2014 Are you called to the mission field of acting or modeling? To Register or for more information www.amtcstar.com

Compassion Sury

French Fries. When is the last time that you were thankful for French Fries? I have probably never been thankful for them, but a letter from my Compassion child, Sury, made me look at French Fries in a new light. French fries are Sury's new favorite thing! Sury's latest letter shared that the leaders at her Compassion project took all the of the children to a water park for the VERY FIRST TIME. Sury got to…

How to Handle Insecurity Competition

"She's so talented, so beautiful, so confident! I could never measure up to her." I cannot be the only person that has let this sentence run through my brain when I see someone else as competition. How can I be so sure of myself in one moment and completely insecure in the next? I have heard that a true test of insecurity is not how many insecurities you have, but how much your insecurities have…

New Member of Carlos and Joy Show

Carlos here, and my wife Amber and I are excited to announce our (well Amber's) pregnancy! Every child is a gift, even when they surprise you by showing up early...WAY EARLY! Like honeymoon-baby early! Excitement was something that came after a few days of shock once we found out we were pregnant, but we are truly excited to become parents! I thought it was funny when friends would joke with me about our decision to…

Clumsy Test Joy

If you struggle with clumsiness, you are not alone! Joy is constantly stumbling over things and knocking things over. She spills a drink every single week in the office that she shares with Carlos. So to save their carpet, Carlos decided to run Joy through a few tests to see if he could cure her clumsiness!