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Actors, Models & Talent for Christ

AMTC_300x250_WPB (2) - October 11 2014 Are you called to the mission field of acting or modeling? To Register or for more information www.amtcstar.com

Unspoken Chad prank

It's never fun when someone volunteers you for something and that is exactly what happened to Chad from the band Unspoken! His wife Katie asked for some concert tickets so their daughter could see her favorite Mandisa. Katie was so grateful that we gave her tickets that she said in return Chad can sing at Joy's wedding one day (Joy is not even engaged!) Chad also HATES singing at weddings and getting volunteered for things! So…

Saved one mans life Proof We Are Messengers Darren

Music has power to reach into people's lives in the moment they need it most and new artist Darren from We Are Messengers has seen this first hand with his new song "Everything Comes Alive." Darren shares why he is so passionate about sharing his story and his music with people!

Carlos' Workplace injury Retribution

In one small moment, Carlos' life flashed before his eyes when he picked up the Wally Show's bowl on the give away table and sliced his finger open! He was traumatized at the sight of blood and after bandaging his wound he realized that something must be done since he had suffered such a loss! Carlos and Joy called their boss to strike up a deal for Wally's parking space! Hear the whole conversation below.…

Comfort is overrated

"I bought a house in the worst part of town!" That's not a sentence you hear very often, especially spoken in an excited tone. But that's exactly what my friend Christine said to me! She is a smart, hardworking woman who has done fine financially so of course my question to her was WHY? "Because God has called me to reach the people who live there," she replied. Yet again my question was "WHY? It's…

roller rinks

Think back to when you were young. Like, middle school young. Maybe you were a kid like me who was always looking forward to Friday Night Skate Night at the roller rink and you're praying Mom gives you enough money to get the speed skates because only dorks rock the regular ones. Skate Night was a middle schoolers night club. It was the place where your parents would drop you off, your friends would be…