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AMTC_300x250_WPB (2) - October 11 2014 Are you called to the mission field of acting or modeling? To Register or for more information

Things Men Hate about living with Women

Sharing space with any woman comes with its own unique set of challenges. Men and Women think very differently about home decor, accommodations, fashion, even the foods we eat. So today, when Joy broke out the "Shimmer Dusting Powder" (its basically a hand grenade filled with glitter) I immediately felt sorry for any man who's wife has ever purchased that thing. Joy's been leaving a trail all around the station because of her glitter grenade!…

Big Announcement Carlos and Joy Show Joy Engaged

It finally happened! Joy is engaged!   We did not want you to miss a moment of the romantic proposal. See how Joy's boyfriend completely surprised her by creating the most romantic setting at one of their favorite spots downtown.  

Forget Quitting! Add to life 2017

"I will stop eating carbs!"   "I will stop being late!"   "I will quit complaining!"   These are what my New Years Resolutions have always looked like in the past, but 2017 is going to be different! It's been proven that trying to quit things and remove things from our lives rarely works, but adding things can actually create change. I want to fulfill my resolutions this year so I have picked 3 things to add to my…

Cover Songs-8

Every year we compile a list of some of the most interesting artists in Christian music. We hear their songs on the radio, but there's so much more to them than just a hit song. Here is this years full list! NF   Who is NF? Maybe ask your kids, but Nathan "Nate" Feuerstein from Gladwin, Michigan has been making waves for a while now. This year though he took it to another level with "Therapy Session"…