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Sing a long songs

There are songs that you will find yourself singing along with every time they come through your speakers. These are the WAYFM songs that make you burst into song the most! What songs would you add to the list? 1.Toby Mac "Move (Keep Walkin)"   2. Britt Nicole "Gold"   3. David Crowder "Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains)"   4. Jordan Feliz "River"   5. Bethel Music "No Longer Slaves"


Actors, Models & Talent for Christ

AMTC_300x250_WPB (2) - October 11 2014 Are you called to the mission field of acting or modeling? To Register or for more information www.amtcstar.com

Foodie Food

A gastronomical bucket list of epic proportions...or portions. haha!   Carlos here and I love being a foodie. Trying foods from all over is fun and the flavors you find are rarely duplicated. Talk to anyone who's ever lived in New York City and ask them to try some NYC styled pizza from anywhere else...9 times out of 10 they're gonna say, "Not even close...get outta here with that!" (or at least that's how they…

Hot Husband Contest Favorites  Fathers Day

We had so many amazing entries sent in for our "Hot Husband Contest" that we had to share some of them with you! We were so moved by how many incredible husbands and fathers are a part of the WAYFM family! Remember that you can honor your Dad for Father’s Day and put his name on the wall of the new MUSEUM OF THE BIBLE. Check Out Some of the Amazing Entries and Make Sure…

Untitled design-5

If you're a man like me, you're man who LOVES sports! When one sport's season ends, the next one seems to pick right up where the other left off. But have you ever thought about what it might look like if you loved your wife with the same kind of fandom that you love your favorite sport? I have and this one hurt to write... IF WE CAN FOLLOW OUR FAVORITE SPORTS EVERY MOVE, then…