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Tie Dye VBS Carlos and Joy

In honor of VBS HQ launching, we have been enjoying Vacation Bible School Week on the show! One activity that Joy had never tried was tie dying a t-shirt! It is so easy and fun that even if your kids don't do this at VBS this summer it could be a cheap and fun activity at home! Carlos is an expert and attempt to teach Joy the ropes: To get the word out about your…


Actors, Models & Talent for Christ

AMTC_300x250_WPB (2) - October 11 2014 Are you called to the mission field of acting or modeling? To Register or for more information www.amtcstar.com

Carlos and Joy Game for Kids Bible Sword Drill

Since both Carlos and Joy grew up going to Vacation Bible School, they competed in Bible Sword Drills! They claim to be amazing at the game that involves looking up Bible verses as fast as you can, but this competition will determine the true champion!   Share about your Vacation Bible School or find the right one for your family here!  

Graduation Bingo

Carlos just endured attending a four hour graduation! Some of these ceremonies can take FOREVER! We wanted to share our new favorite game with you: Graduation Bingo.  Print it out and you are ready to entertain your family for hours. Just remember not to yell "BINGO" too loudly when you win!

cropping lie instagram

This was my morning instagram photo.   Beautiful. Peaceful. Pristine. Breakfast with a perfect bible study... But also a LIE. Let us zoom in a little:   Yep! There is a nasty bug in my water and what you can't see are the dozen of other bugs that I was fighting off while simply trying to read in peace! I very carefully angled this photo so you would NOT notice the swarm of bugs that…

Unspoken Chad prank

It's never fun when someone volunteers you for something and that is exactly what happened to Chad from the band Unspoken! His wife Katie asked for some concert tickets so their daughter could see her favorite Mandisa. Katie was so grateful that we gave her tickets that she said in return Chad can sing at Joy's wedding one day (Joy is not even engaged!) Chad also HATES singing at weddings and getting volunteered for things! So…